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Security Hire in Sydney

Selecting a private provider to look after your assets can be a difficult decision; there are many good security providers in the market, and avoiding the bad ones can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. If you are after a security officer for a private party or another "one-off" job, you … Continue reading

Back to Base Monitoring: Why It Matters

If your property is broken in to, when would you find out? Closing the time-gap between a break-in and attendance is critical to preventing access to your unsecured premises and deterring future break-ins. A “back-to-base” alarm system does just that. Almost all Security Alarm system now have a “back-to-base” feature that sends signals to an alarm monitoring … Continue reading

Who needs a security licence?

In NSW, security employers (whether sole traders or corporate entities) must hold a Master Licence, and only Master Licence holders can employ licensed security personnel. Licensed security personnel must hold either Class 1 or Class 2 licences, depending on the security activities they perform. Class 1 A. Unarmed Guards B. Bodyguards C. Crowd Controllers D. … Continue reading

RSA Marshals – What are they, and how are they different to Licenced Security Officers?

Effective from 23 August 2013, legitimate RSA Marshals from are no longer captured by the ‘Crowd Controller’ definition in Section 4 of the Security Industry Act 1997. RSA Marshals are not to physically restrain or eject persons from premises, or prevent their entry to such premises. If they do so, they cease to be exempt from … Continue reading

Gatecrasher fears continue to drive Parents request for Security Guard Dogs at parties

Gate-crashers continue to be the driving reason why concerned parents are asking for security guard dogs at their home, providing protection for both their property and their guests from violent intruders during their private events, such as an 18th or 21st Birthday Party. Preparation and prevention are key when providing a successful event, and when … Continue reading

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