Back to Base Monitoring: Why It Matters

Retail Security ServicesIf your property is broken in to, when would you find out? Closing the time-gap between a break-in and attendance is critical to preventing access to your unsecured premises and deterring future break-ins.

A “back-to-base” alarm system does just that.

Almost all Security Alarm system now have a “back-to-base” feature that sends signals to an alarm monitoring centre. The system can tell the monitoring centre if a sensor may have detected someone entering the property, or if someone has entered a code to disarm the alarm system.

These systems can also signal to the monitoring centre the status of the alarm system, such as if areas have been left unarmed when people should not be on site; the monitoring centre can then contact someone to rectify the problem, ensuring your property and assets are secured.

A primary benefit of a “Back to Base” system is peace of mind; the monitoring centre will know of activations, giving you the ability to rapidly respond to problems at your property, or have an alarm response service dispatched in your place. Even if you’re not contactable, someone you know and trust can be taking steps to ensure your property is secure.

“Back-to-base” alarm systems are a necessity for security conscious businesses – having your alarm system monitored matters.

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Guest Post by Anchor Security

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