Gatecrasher fears continue to drive Parents request for Security Guard Dogs at parties

Gate-crashers continue to be the driving reason why concerned parents are asking for security guard dogs at their home, providing protection for both their property and their guests from violent intruders during their private events, such as an 18th or 21st Birthday Party.

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Preparation and prevention are key when providing a successful event, and when it comes to your events’ security, parents are finding that it’s a cost-effective way of preventing damage caused by gate-crashers, rather than having to deal with the consequences of that damage.

Sydney security company, Anchor Security, based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, provides security guard dogs to venues for 18th and 21st Birthday parties and pairs them with a security officer with a head-mounted HD Video camera, finding that the powerful combination has proven successful in preventing the escalation of troublesome people.

For more information, call Anchor Security on 1300 30 28 29.

Guest Post by: Anchor Security

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